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  • Quala Temporary Cement Mixing Tips
    $10.50 Quala Temporary Cement Mixing Tips
    Mix Tips - 1:1 Sold as 20/BG

  • Quala Temporary Crown & Bridge Mixing Tips
    $28.63 Quala Temporary Crown & Bridge Mixing Tips
    Mix Tips - 10:1 and 4:1 Sold 50/BG

  • Quala Premium Articulating Paper
    $8.64 Choose Options Quala Premium Articulating Paper
    Premium quality articulating paper produced with a superior manufacturing inking process that produces exact coating and ink penetration for clear, positive markings without smudging in wet or dry fields. Thin Blue-140...

  • Quala Pre-Bent Applicator Tips
    $7.52 Choose Options Quala Pre-Bent Applicator Tips
    Multi-use, blunt end bendable tips designed for placing etchants, sealants, cements, and other flowable materials. Universal design, color coded. 100 tips per bag.

  • Quala Flowable Composite
    $17.16 Choose Options Quala Flowable Composite
    Our light curing, low viscosity composite is designed for use in Class III and Class V restorations as well as other dental applications. The 64% filled Bis-GMA resin formulation allows the composite to easily flow into...

  • Quala Etch Gel
    $5.18 Choose Options Quala Etch Gel
    A 37% phosphoric acid blue gel that provides superb viscosity for accurate placement. Q40004-4 x 1.2 ml with 20 disposable tips Q40012-Economy Kit:  12 x 1.2 ml with 50 disposable tips Q40030-Jumbo Kit - 2 30-ml...

  • Quala Disposable Brush Applicators
    $20.20 Choose Options Quala Disposable Brush Applicators
    Bendable, disposable applicator brushes for applying all types of liquids. Assorted color handles help identify materials. Available in regular (black) or fine (white) filaments.

  • Quala Disposable Applicator Tips
    $19.63 Choose Options Quala Disposable Applicator Tips
    Non-absorbent, non-linting fibers that suspend solutions as small as 1⁄8 of a drop without dripping or spilling. Packaged in a clear cartridge with slide dispenser lid. 100 brushes per cartridge, 400 per four-pack...

  • Quala Core Build-Up Material
    $15.12 Choose Options Quala Core Build-Up Material
    Quala Core Build-Up Material is a dual cure resin composite used for the construction of core build-ups. Flows conveniently yet stacks without slumping, offering easy placement. The dual cure formulation allows complete...

  • Quala Amalgam Squeeze Cloths
    $16.10 Quala Amalgam Squeeze Cloths
    3" (8 cm) diameter.  Sold 500/BX 3" (8 cm)...