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  • Quala Fluoride Trays
    $10.93 Choose Options Quala Fluoride Trays
    Disposable color-coded trays for easy identification. Constructed of soft, light foam for patient comfort. Dual Arch Trays have fill line plus locking handles for easy placement and removal. 100 trays per bag.

  • $130.24 Quala Nylon Dental Tape
    Slim, flat design provides a greater surface area for effective plaque removal. Tape slides easily between teeth. Nylon Dental Tape Refill, Waxed, Fits Standard Office Dispensers, 100 yds,...

  • Quala Nylon Dental Floss
    $15.06 Choose Options Quala Nylon Dental Floss
    Shred resistant nylon floss for effective removal of plaque between teeth. 72 per case.

  • Quala Teflon Dental Floss
    $31.50 Choose Options Quala Teflon Dental Floss
    Made with PTFE, the floss slides much more easily into interproximal spaces and will not shred as readily against sharp teeth or tight contacts. The PTFE floss has a much greater breaking strength than standard nylon dental...

  • Quala Ultrasonic Scaling Inserts
    $67.54 Choose Options Quala Ultrasonic Scaling Inserts
    Quality resin handle inserts, finely crafted in Israel. Internal water channel. Compatible with all stack-type (magnetostrictive) units.

  • Quala Toothbrushes
    $17.63 Choose Options Quala Toothbrushes
    Adult Angled Toothbrush Tapered brush head with raised power tip color bristles, providing easier access and cleaning in the posterior. Two-color handle with elastomeric thumb grip (latex free) for a better grasp to avoid...

  • Quala Latex Free Disposable Prophy Angles
    $41.26 Quala Latex Free Disposable Prophy Angles
    Low-profile design to fit into tight spaces; smaller neck improves access for more thorough cleaning. Fits all slow-speed handpieces. Angles are individually packaged. Latex-free.

  • Quala Prophy Cups
    $7.84 Choose Options Quala Prophy Cups
    Fits most metal angles. 144 cups per bag.

  • Quala Prophy Paste
    $19.33 Choose Options Quala Prophy Paste
    Non-splatter fluoride formula. Choose from four custom grit formulas for excellent stain removal on even the toughest stains. Gluten-free. Contains 1.23% fluoride. 2-gram unit dose cups, 200 cups per box.