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Like so many American success stories, this one starts with an idea and a garage.

In 2005, eMed, a small company in Little Rock, Arkansas literally began with a heartbeat. Our Founder, who was currently working for another medical equipment company, became impressed by the use of Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) and how they were being used by hospitals, fire departments and EMTs to save the lives of cardiac arrest victims. Yet the new equipment, which could now be used by untrained lay-people thanks to its new “smart technology,” had not yet gone “mainstream” in locations such as schools, churches, office buildings, shopping malls, businesses and other places where large numbers of people gathered.

The young company quickly realized this was not only a great untapped market, but a true opportunity to save more lives.

After researching many defibrillator brands and identifying those with the highest reliability, performance, and ease-of-use, our founder began having small shipments of defibrillators delivered to his home garage. From his bedroom computer he reached out to cities, schools, businesses, and medical communities across the country.  He personally demonstrated the simplicity and lifesaving potential of this new equipment, even offering training and service solutions where it was needed. His belief in the equipment's lifesaving potential led him to create a program called Heart Safe Communities, a concept that is now in place and being used across America.

The first several years of eMed saw dramatic growth. The company had established a long list of highly satisfied customers who were drawn to its philosophy of ultra-personalized and responsive service. In particular, many healthcare customers who needed a constant inventory of other medical supplies asked if eMed could provide those products as well.

Such an expansion would take a major investment in new products, more personnel, and additional warehouse space.

eMed Healthcare is born

By 2010, a much expanded company – now called eMed Healthcare was a reality. Through its partnership with National Distribution & Contracting (NDC) of Nashville, TN the largest independent medical buying group in America – eMed Healthcare gained access to hundreds of medical product and supply manufacturers. This strategic alignment combined with many other existing relationships has given the company a complete line of medical equipment, medical supplies, pharmaceuticals, and services. Today, we are currently distributing over 100,000 products, and representing over 350 top medical manufacturers, including our own private label brand of medical products called — Pro Advantage™.

Importantly, NDC members $6.5 billion in collaborative buying power means significant savings can be passed along to large and small healthcare customers throughout the country.

A mission of caring

Today, eMed Healthcare's mission and commitment is the same as it has always been. Actively listening and responding to the needs of our customers. Provide the highest quality medical products, convenience, and savings. And most importantly, contribute to the health and well-being of our fellow man through our products, services, and support of other medical personnel.

We will continue to provide all our customers with the broadest selection and highest quality medical products, available in the fastest and most convenient way, and at our most affordable prices. We promise to hold each of our customers in the highest regard, treating them always with honesty, integrity, respect, and unequaled service.

eMed Healthcare — from a small garage to a leading medical distribution company. From a single heartbeat to a large professional team — dedicated fully to you.