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Impression Materials

  • Quala Disposable Impression Trays
    $5.67 Choose Options Quala Disposable Impression Trays
    Orally contoured with a high arch and smooth finish to minimize tissue trauma. Slotted tray walls and unique alginate “grippers” reduce patient gag reflexes while holding the material in place. 12 trays per bag...

  • Quala Bite Trays
    $17.50 Choose Options Quala Bite Trays
    Unique tray wall design locks in impression material and eliminates the need for tray adhesive. Ultra thin nylon mesh improves accuracy; provides an excellent bite registration. Anterior-35/BX Posterior-50/BX Sideless...

  • Quala Vinyl Polysiloxane
    $281.26 Choose Options Quala Vinyl Polysiloxane
    Super Hydrophilic formulation offers excellent dimensional stability and tear strength for crisply detailed impressions every time. No odor and no irritation provide greater patient comfort. Available in three viscosities...

  • $9.97 Choose Options Quala Ribbon Tips/Intraoral Tips
    Ribbon Tips-24/BG Med/Large Intraoral Tips-100/BG Small Intraoral Tips-100/BG

  • Quala Universal Mixing Tips
    $19.12 Quala Universal Mixing Tips
    Mix tips for universal impression cartridges. 48/BG

  • Quala Mixing Tips
    $20.86 Choose Options Quala Mixing Tips
    For use with Dynamic Mixing Machines. 48/BG

  • Quala Dispensing Guns
    $50.15 Quala Dispensing Guns
    HP Dispensing Gun

  • Quala High Performance Bite Registration
    $199.08 Choose Options Quala High Performance Bite Registration
    Mousse-like vinyl polysiloxane derivative material in a high performance cartridge dispensing system. Hard setting material with excellent tear strength. Available in three different working/set times. Each kit contains two...

  • Quala Mixing Pads
    $10.92 Choose Options Quala Mixing Pads
    Heavy-duty pads for easy mixing of all weights of compound components, cements, composites, rubber base materials, and silicates. 100 sheets per pad. 6 pads/pack

  • Quala Disposable Impression Syringes
    $9.59 Quala Disposable Impression Syringes
    Constructed of seamless plastic with a flexible tip, which easily adjusts for hard-to-reach areas. Tight fitting plunger eliminates material waste. 50/bag

  • Quala Dustfree Alginate
    $61.99 Choose Options Quala Dustfree Alginate
    Dustfree formula eliminates potentially hazardous airborne particles. Fresh mint flavor.

  • Quala Alginate Impression Material
    $108.01 Choose Options Quala Alginate Impression Material
    This high algin impression material easily mixes to a smooth consistency producing shiny models with minimum flash. Providing more patient comfort, the thixotropic material does not flow from tray, also allowing for easier...