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Infection Control

  • Quala Enzyme Ultrasonic Tablets
    $36.78 Quala Enzyme Ultrasonic Tablets
    For general purpose ultrasonic cleaning, evacuation system cleaning, and instrument presoak. Effective, fast removal of blood, food particles, compounds, and other soils which are normally resistant to detergents alone. Two...

  • Quala Enzymatic Detergent Concentrate
    $19.11 Choose Options Quala Enzymatic Detergent Concentrate
    Multipurpose enzymatic cleaner that can be used as a presoak, manual detergent, ultrasonic cleaning solution, and evacuation system cleaner. Unique dual-enzyme formula assists in reducing Gram-negative, Gram-postiive...

  • Quala Ultrasonic/Enzymatic Solutions
    $11.08 Choose Options Quala Ultrasonic/Enzymatic Solutions
    Effectively remove soils and particles form instruments and appliances in all ultrasonic cleaners. Choose form four different solutions that provide effective, safe cleaning of instruments, eliminating hand scrubbing.

  • Quala CSR Wraps
    $10.72 Choose Options Quala CSR Wraps
    A blue, protective wrap made from natural cellulose fibers for sterilizing products. Material is strong and tear resistant, yet soft and flexible for easy wrapping. Can be used with various methods of sterilization including...

  • Quala Biological Monitoring Test Strips
    $82.18 Choose Options Quala Biological Monitoring Test Strips
    Offers everything you need to verify sterilizer performance. May be used to test all sterilization processes - steam, chemical vapor, dry heat and ethylene oxide. Steam cycle test results in as little as 24 hours...

  • Quala Self-Sealing Paper Autoclave Bags
    $49.98 Choose Options Quala Self-Sealing Paper Autoclave Bags
    Double-fold seal with pull-off adhesive tab. 10½" length with 2½" X 1½" gusset for more inner space. Color process indicator. Sold as 1000/ctn; 4...

  • Quala Self-Sealing Sterilization Pouches
    $7.15 Choose Options Quala Self-Sealing Sterilization Pouches
    Dual Indicator sterilization pouches feature process indicators that are printed internally and externally on each pouch and change color during sterilization to verify pouches have been processed. Pink arrows will turn...

  • Quala Surface Barriers
    $6.98 Choose Options Quala Surface Barriers
    Used for improved infection control, these disposable barriers are inexpensive and extends the life of equipment by protecting from harmful disinfectants. 200-300-10½" X 14", 500/bx, 12 bx/cs 200-360-500/bx, 24...

  • Quala Protective Eyewear
    $3.64 Choose Options Quala Protective Eyewear
    Contemporary Safety Glasses Stylish wraparound design hugs facial contours. Features clear lenses, a soft nose pad for added comfort and an adjustable temple piece. Safety Glasses Sleek lightweight frame provides comfort...

  • Quala Face Shields
    $28.53 Choose Options Quala Face Shields
    This semi-disposable line of protective face and eye products consists of eco-friendly reusable frames and disposable lenses and shields. Latex-free. Replacement Shields-50/bag; 2 bgs/box

  • Quala Eye Shields
    $15.19 Choose Options Quala Eye Shields
    This semi-disposable line of protective face and eye products consists of eco-friendly reusable frames and disposable lenses and shields. Latex-free. Replacement Lenses-25/Envelope

  • Quala Surgical Molded Masks
    $7.07 Choose Options Quala Surgical Molded Masks
    Soft fluid resistant material with flaired edges for improved comfort. Flexible aluminum nosepiece adjusts for comfort fit. Fiberglass free. Bacterial filtration efficiency of 99.9% at 4.5 microns. Latex free. 50 per box...

  • Quala Earloop Masks
    $6.72 Choose Options Quala Earloop Masks
    Procedural mask with soft white facial tissue inner layer, fluid resistant outerfacing, and outside earloop attachment to eliminate potential irritation. Particle filtration efficiency of 99.5% at 1 micron. Latex free. 50...

  • Quala Nitirle Eam Gloves
    $11.89 Choose Options Quala Nitirle Eam Gloves
    These nitrile synthetic gloves are extra soft for long-term comfort and tactile sensitivity. Powder-Free. Non-latex. White, 200 per box.

  • Quala Latex Exam Gloves
    $5.88 Choose Options Quala Latex Exam Gloves
    Natural rubber latex gloves for increased strength and durability, plus effective protection against bloodborne pathogens. Powder-free glove is fully textured to enhance grip in wet or dry conditions. 100 gloves per...